About Gavlefastigheter Gävle kommun AB

Gavlefastigheter owns and manages real estate for municipal activities. The company is owned by Gävle municipality and is part of the concern Gävle Stadshus AB.

Municipal activity
Gavlefastigheters main activity is to supply suitable premises for Gävle’s municipal administrations. This includes schools, sports arenas, buildings for cultural activities, and administrative premises. 

Contact us
If you have questions, you are welcome to call us at
026-17 82 60 or mail us at info@gavlefastigheter.se

E.O. for Gavlefastigheter is:
Per-Arne Vahlund
Phone: 026-17 73 40
E-mail: per_arne.vahlund@gavlefastigheter.se 

Mailing address:
Gavlefastigheter Gävle kommun AB
Kungsbäcksvägen 54
802 67 Gävle

Visiting address:
Kungsbäcksvägen 54, Gävle

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