About Gavlefastigheter Gävle kommun Ltd

Gavlefastigheter owns and manages real estate for trade and industry as well as for municipal activities. The company is owned by Gävle municipality and is part of the concern Gävle Stadshus Ltd. In our stock of real estate you will find everything from preschools and buildings housing cultural activities to premises for trade and industry. At present, we manage a surface area of some 500 000 square meters.

Municipal activity
Gavlefastigheter´s main activity is to supply suitable premises for Gävle’s municipal administrations. This includes schools, sports arenas, buildings for cultural activities, and administrative premises. 

Since the sixties, it has been Gavlefastigheter´s task to stimulate the development and reestablishment of companies in the municipality of Gävle. Lately, the company has developed a large stock of real estate at Teknikparken, close to Gävle University. At Teknikparken, trade and industry, the university and society at large enter into cooperation, which creates cross-border growth and development. So far, more than 100 companies have gathered at Teknikparken, self-employed entrepreneurs as well as small and medium-sized companies.
Reorganization in 2007
Earlier, the ownership and management of Gävle’s municipal stock of real estate have been spread out on several hands. In order to create a more transparent relationship between parties and increase the efficiency of real estate management, it was decided at the turn of the year 06/07 that the number of owners should be reduced to two, Gavlefastigheter Gävle kommun Ltd. and Gavlegårdarna Ltd. Gavlefastigheter is responsible for premises for activities and Gavlegårdarna for housing.

Contact us
If you have questions, you are welcome to call us at
026-17 82 60 or mail us at info@gavlefastigheter.se

E.O. for Gavlefastigheter is:
Per-Arne Vahlund
Phone: 026-17 73 40
E-mail: per-arne.vahlund@gavlefastigheter.se 

Mailing address:
Gävle kommun Ltd.
Box 975
801 33 Gävle

Visiting address:
Kungsbäcksvägen 54, Gävle
The building ”Dragonen” at Teknikparken

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